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disaster recovery toolkit
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Having developed the business continuity plan, it is sensible to perform an audit... not just initially, but at regular intervals. This helps ensure that it remains current, and that it stands up to rigorous examination. This should also cover all the plan's supporting contingency arrangements.

Various options are available. A common approach is to hire specialist consultants - recognised experts in the field. Another is to 'brainstorm' the plan, via intensive meetings and workshops

A third approach employs pre-written checklists or questionnaires. The recently released Disaster Recovery Toolkit, is growing in popularity. This unique set of documents will help you examine the plan and support arrangements through a series of questions. In addition, it will perform a full 'dependency analysis'... assessing resource dependencies and time criticalities.

Whatever approach is adopted, the audit and retro-assessment stage can prove to be invaluable in ensuring business continuity. It is not an optional extra.

Further information:  The Disaster Recovery Toolkit


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